Twilight Imperium Wiki

Each player controls a faction with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition[]

Arborec.png The Arborec
Barony.png The Barony of Letnev
Saar.png The Clan of Saar
Muaat.png The Embers of Muaat
Hacan.png The Emirates of Hacan
Sol.png The Federation of Sol
Ghosts.png The Ghosts of Creuss
L1Z1X.png The L1Z1X Mindnet
Mentak.png The Mentak Coalition
Naalu.png The Naalu Collective
Nekro.png The Nekro Virus
Sardakk.png Sardakk N’orr
Jol-Nar.png The Universities of Jol-Nar
Winnu.png The Winnu
Xxcha.png The Xxcha Kingdom
Yin.png The Yin Brotherhood
Yssaril.png The Yssaril Tribes

Prophecy of Kings Expansion[]

Prophecy of Kings introduced 7 new playable factions.

ArgentFactionSymbol.png The Argent Flight
EmpyreanFactionSymbol.png The Empyrean
MahactFactionSymbol.png The Mahact Gene-Sorcerers
NaazRokhaFactionSymbol.png The Naaz-Rokha Alliance
NomadFactionSheet.png The Nomad
UlFactionSymbol.png The Titans of Ul
CabalFactionSymbol.png The Vuil'Raith Cabal

The Codex[]

The third volume of the official Twilight Imperium Codex released one new faction, bringing the total up to 25

KeleresFactionSymbol.png The Council Keleres

Faction Attributes[]